Our organization was inspired upon quickly realizing the pressing need for proactively combating school-based tragedies affecting our students that occur within our small and rural district of DeSoto County, Florida. As you already know, DeSoto County is a Title 1 school district with roughly 30% of the county living in poverty. The purpose of our foundation is to provide assistance and support for our public pre-kindergarten through post-secondary school students, and their immediate family, that are facing life-altering events (i.e., terminal illness, loss of a parent, unforeseen catastrophic events). Recently, our foundation members helped a 7th grade boy not only successfully fight cancer, but also provided financial assistance to his mother who lost her job while caring for him.


Our mission to provide relief to our Title 1 students cannot continue without the help of our community, as well as generous local businesses, companies, and sponsors/donors who understand the impact these life-altering events can have on a student’s education.

Our mission is to provide immediate assistance for DeSoto County students and their families facing life-altering events (i.e. serious illness/disability, home fire, death of parent or sibling, etc.).


President:       K. Alexander

Vice President: K. Mays

Secretary:       R. Sutton

Treasurer:      R. Mares-Stainbrook


   Located in

Arcadia, FL

DeSoto County